Solution for Grant Warwick like material setup in Vray for Cinema 4d

In this Tutorial, we show you how to use the VrayFalloff shader and colour map in Vray 1.9 for Cinema 4d R 16 as Grant Warwick, in the most easiest an right way. It is the translation of the Vray for 3dmax workflow into the Vray for Cinema 4D workflow.

We recommend to watch Grant Warwicks tutorial Mastering V-Ray Lesson 4 Part 1 There he explains how to create and find the exact IOR curves with

The described workflow is tested and is proper working in Vray 1.9 for Cinema 4d R 16. In older Cinema 4d versions, there might be an issue with lwf.

The detailed tutorial you can find: 3darsteller_Blog
An VrayC4d file of the shown Palladium Material you can get:

Enjoy it!!

We also recommend to buy the whole Grant Warwick Tutorial bundle. It is a great Tutorial, also for any Vray for Cinema 4d user.


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