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Flash Movie Streaming Problem on IIS

Dieses Thema im Forum "Flash Plattform" wurde erstellt von katty, 14. Februar 2012.

  1. katty

    katty Grünschnabel

    Have just imported FLV Movie into Flash using Adobe CS5. Works perfectly when I load Html into Browser on local Computer. However when I view in IIS 6 (locahhost) see just a grey control bar and the movie is not available. I have introduced the mime types on IIS .flv video/x-flv and .swf application/x-shockware-flash and even .flv flv-application/octet-steam but to no avail. Logfile = ....html 304 and sometimes ....html 200.

    Cant find any other solutions in search maschines.
    Can anyone help********?

    Am using Windows XP Professional locally.
    Have also uploaded per FTP to Provider whos using windows 2003 and of course that doesn't work either.

    Luv Kathy
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