VRay: Multiple VRayEnvironmentFog-Container

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Hello! :)

I have a quick question about the usage of multiple VRayEnvironmentFog-Container in Maya!
For fog-effects I go to "Render Settings > Volumentrics > Use Environment Volume" and add / create the VRayEnvironmentFog-Container / Shader.

Everything is working, but what is going on if I have two or more different objects in my scene and every single object has to create a different fog? I can create multiple VRayEnvironmentFog-Container for example: VRayEnvironmentFog1, VRayEnvironmentFog2 and more, but at the end I only can assign ONE environment volume in the Render Settings? Is it even possible to use multiple "VRayEnvironmentFog-Container" in one scene?

EXAMPLE: A simple scene with a projector at night plus a candle in the same room: Both objets will create light fog and so I need to have options like "fog distance" and / or "fog height" for both lights. How do I do that?

Thank you for your help and I hope someone can explain it. :)

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